Breaking Through Barriers to Entry

Real estate investing is hot right now. Everyone seems to know about fix and flips or is considering buying and holding a rental property. There are hundreds of seminars to attend to learn about doing the above, as well as a new HGTV show seemingly each week.

So why residential assisted living? Why now?

In comparison with other types of real estate investing, residential assisted living homes have many more barriers to entry. Let me explain why this is a good thing for you.

Most people won't ever get started. They will hit a barrier and stop. They will shift back to fixating on fix and flips or single family rentals. They are simpler and straightforward and have tv shows to back them up.

This is good news for you because, as a go-getter, you are going to enjoy the benefits of entering into this market sooner rather than later.

This industry has the possibility to have you making up to 10-20k per month per home. This can mean an insane return for you and your investors! Now, this isn't a get rich quick scheme. There are a lot of variables that go into finding the right deal, right home and location for getting this business started, but the opportunity is amazing and the timing is perfect. The baby boomers are coming and there will continue to be higher and higher demand for assisted living. Residential homes provide the close-knit community for seniors to really have a home-like experience compared to the large "big box" communities that serve as warehouses for grandma and grandpa.

You are going to pay for your education one way or the other and I highly recommend signing up for training from the world's leading expert in this space Gene Guarino, who happens to be my father-in-law and teaches courses 8 times a year here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sign up here for a 3 day training:

For more information on how to get involved with residential assisted livings in your area, contact Emmanuel and I for a free consultation on your next steps moving forward in this industry!

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