Why choosing the right realtor is more important than you realize.

Realtors are not hard to come across. Most people have a family member or close friend who has their real estate license, whether they got it to use on a couple of transactions with close friends, to save money on listing their own house or they heard that you can make crazy money in real estate, there are many who rush to get their licenses. About 10% make it through one year, and 10% of those people after 2 years. What does this mean? There is a high turnover rate and a lot of amateurs running around.

There are a few who make a real living out of being professional real estate agents. Most of these professionals are focused on their teams and systems for showing high end properties, first time home buyers or specializing in certain neighborhoods or cities.

Very few have extensive experience in the residential assisted living industry or business brokerage at all.

This is where we come in. Our family personally owns and operates three care homes here in Arizona. We help teach a training for people interested in getting into this industry and we work full time on helping buyers and sellers like yourself make their dreams a reality by either getting to retire and enjoy the benefits of the business they built up and sold, or buying a home to convert or existing business and reap the benefits of an investment in this industry.

We know this industry backwards and forwards. We are seeing new and existing care homes each week. We know the competition, and we understand the nuances that come along with this industry specifically.

Too often we see realtors take on an assisted living listing and either wildly overprice it and lead the seller to believe their house is worth more than it is, slow the deal to a halt due to lack of specified knowledge, or they claim that all businesses are priced the same. They are unable to bring direction and focus in the often delicate process of a business changing hands that is dealing with seniors lives.

Without the proper knowledge and guidance, there are many pitfalls which can impede your success in getting into or out of the assisted living industry.

If you are looking to buy or sell, we highly recommend being represented by agents who specialize in the assisted living industry and are able to guide you through the sometimes murky waters of carrying a deal through to the close.

We are always happy to speak with anyone interested or who has questions regarding our process and how we provide superior representation for our clients!

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