Emmanuel became my realtor this past year and it has been a pleasure to work with him. I was looking to sell two of my assisted living homes and I'm grateful I had someone who knew the business inside and out to help me in passing on my properties I had loved. Throughout the process Emmanuel was  such a joy to work with- He is incredibly competent, willing to go the extra mile and is so easy to spend time with. Emmanuel became a personal friend and even attended my birthday party, bringing along his fiancee. He is in this business to create and maintain relationships. The difference I experienced with Emmanuel, was a higher level of care for the people he works for. My houses were sold quickly in just one week and were sold to a new great owner. His knowledge of the industry and experience with assisted living homes specifically made all the difference. I highly recommend Emmanuel to anyone looking for a dedicated, fun realtor who knows how to sell assisted living homes!

Daniela S

Glendale, AZ

Bekah and Emmanuel made an otherwise challenging experience, a fun and seamless one. They are both very attentive and responsive. We greatly appreciate their time and effort and highly encourage anyone attempting to navigate buying a residential assisted living home to reach out to them. They were such a blessing to us.  

Steve & Angela K

Queen Creek, AZ

We recently purchased a residential assisted living property in Scottsdale. I can confidently say that we wouldn't have made this purchase without Emmanuel. He did his homework to understand exactly what we were looking for, and he contacted us as soon as the property hit the market. As is often the case there were several barriers to overcome during the purchase process. Emmanuel handled each one for us, was always responsive, and kept all parties on track. Based on Emmanuel's strong knowledge of the local RAL market and his overall professionalism, he's become an invaluable resource for us.

Jeff G

Scottsdale, AZ

Emmanuel sold my assisted living home this year. He brought me three qualified parties within a matter of the first week. We didn't have to take it on the market at all. He helped make the process of selling our assisted living home that we had loved so dearly, go smoothly. It was time for my wife to retire from the business, she had done an amazing job building up the business and Emmanuel helped us find wonderful new owners to carry on the legacy. I highly recommend using Emmanuel for buying or selling your assisted living homes. This is his expertise and it showed.

Josh U

Scottsdale, AZ

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